IVF programs at BioTexCom

There is no absolute infertility!


We have been working in the field of reproductive medicine for over 10 years, while the number of IVF cycles performed is 900-1000 every year.

At BioTexCom we use the most advanced methods in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

Today the clinic offers a full range of IVF techniques, including endometrial transplantation and mitochondrial donation, which is fully permitted by Ukrainian legislation, both for married couples and for single women and unmarried partners.


  • IVF with own eggs
  • IVF with donor eggs
  • A ‘tandem’ or ‘mixed’ cycle (with own and donor eggs)
  • Mitochondrial donation program – Mitochondrial donation is a technique of transferring the donor’s mitochondria cells into your mature oocyte to give it more energy, allowing us to use your genetic material during the IVF. Put simply, mitochondrial donation is an extra treatment during the regular IVF.

Every IVF Package Covers

  • Medical treatment and medications (including blood tests, oocyte retrieval, ICSI, embryo culture, and ET)
  • Possibility of having a ‘tandem’/’mixed’ cycle with a donor egg back-up
  • Accommodation and meals provided by BioTexCom, and transportation between the clinic and airport
  • Coordinator’s assistance in charge of the program
  • Sperm donation and sperm donor financial compensation

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