We provide egg donation for both IVF and surrogacy programs

What is the reason to use donor eggs?

The main factor affecting a woman’s chance of getting pregnant is egg quality and quantity, not necessarily age. Our doctor will do everything possible to get your eggs, but if the quality is too bad, or there are no eggs at all as well as the stimulation is not allowed because of health issues we will propose egg donation.

IVF with own eggs

Biotexcom sets an age limit, often ~42-43 years old, for a woman to use her eggs. However, this is only a recommendation and in practice, a lot of criteria can affect the final decision of our doctors (patient’s age, health state, medical record, etc.). So if you are up to 44 we will still be happy to explore the option of using your eggs with you.

IVF with donor eggs

We don’t have an age limit for IVF with donor eggs, as long as you are generally healthy and can carry a baby which should be stated by your GP\family doctor with an official letter. Find here about our IVF programs.

Surrogacy with donor eggs

Our surrogacy programs include the possibility to use your own or donor eggs. Important that we do not use the biological material of the surrogate mother. It is prohibited by our legislation. Thus, a surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery according to the contract concluded between intended parents and surrogate mother. Names of intended parents are written on the baby’s birth certificate. Find here about our surrogacy programs.

There are more than 600 young and healthy women to choose from. By request, our patients get access to the database so they can start choosing the best option for them.